Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean)

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Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) का विवरण

Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) is a super lite and effective memory boost tool and battery extender. It is helps to clean unnecessary apps in the background to boost your phone and save battery power. With proper management, its can make your mobile faster. Favored by users worldwide, Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) is one of the best Android booster for Android devices.
Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) uses the accessibility service. With this service, you can get an upgraded cache cleaner. Its can help you to force-stop the unnecessary application in background by “One-step”.
Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) can remind the unread message and miss call with smart locker.
We do not provide the service/content for any minors under 16 years old (or equivalent minimum age in relevant jurisdiction). If you are a minor meeting the above conditions, you must read the terms of User Agreement and use this app under the guidance of your guardian, and confirm that your guardian agrees to your Use of this app.
★Junk File Clean
Intelligent Cloud Engine reads everything and will make the junk files nowhere to hide. Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) could clean the junk files, idle storage and useless large files from millions of apps, thus releasing plenty of free space.
★Memory Boost
By cleaning unnecessary background apps and process, the memory booster of Powerful Cleaner (Boost&Clean) can free up memory, make Android phone to run faster, and save much more battery power. With accessibility, this accelerator can prevent apps from auto restart and therefore provide durable boost effect to make phone faster. No more slow phone.
★CPU Cooler
This cleaner has accelerator which can detect and clean apps that consume CPU capacity highly and cause overheating. And by memory booster, it can cool down Android device as quickly as possible.
★App Lock
With password to save you private applications.

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